Meek Mill X SNIPES Collection

You can't stop us! It’s more than just a’s a way of life. Through victories and defeats, Meek Mill has endured them both, but has never stopped working for more. Growing up in North Philadelphia, he learned exactly what it means to be an underdog and to have to fight for every win. Now you can see him on top of the Billboard charts and his music playing all across the world.

Although we see what Meek has accomplished thus far, his rise to the top was no easy task. The numbers were stacked against him as life on the city's streets was marked by poverty, gang violence, and social injustice. Yet, at just thirteen years old, Meek made a name for himself as the freestyle hope of North Philly. As the years progressed and with every mixtape he released, this hope continued to grow. More hunger, more fire, more energy – it was only a matter of time before Meek Mill's talent was truly understood. At first it was just Philly, and then his movement spread along the whole East Coast, and before long the entire country was tuned into his voice. Meek Mill stands for his city like no one else. All Day ! Every Day!

The Meek Mill X Snipes collaborative collection is a tribute to this. It's no coincidence that the pieces are based on the team colors of the Philadelphia Eagles: black, white and green. The same team that chose Meek's song "Dreams and Nightmares" as their Superbowl anthem in 2018.